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Lost to Time...But found again

Sunday, June 4, 2017 in Wood National Cemetery in Milwaukee WI, a Veteran of the 9th Indiana Co H was honored with a new headstone. His old headstone was in outstanding condition, minus one important fact...His name was wrong, not even close to the correct name.

But I get ahead of myself a bit, Back in Feburary, I was contacted by a fellow SUVCW Brother, Tom Mueller. He informed that he had been working on documenting all of the graves for the SUVCW Graves Registration Site, and came across a Michael Curran of the 9th Indiana Co H. The red Flags started to appear whe it was recognized that no member of the 9th Indiana Co H, or any other company had that Name.

Through a lot of time, dedication, and research, Tom was able to determine Michael Curran was actually Michael Carrol. It appeared to be a normal case of poor penmanship, as was the case so often.

This began the process of getting a new stone for Pvt Carroll. Once the application was finished and all of the appropriate documents were sent off to the VA, Tom got an approval letter back from the VA stating the stone had been ordered.

Tom invited our camp to take part in this amazing dedication ceremony at the ceremony on June 4th, which did feature our Commander In Chief Mark Day in Attendance. Unfortunatly the stars did not allign for us do to personal commitments and our own Department Encampment held in Kokomo Indiana.

We did provided a letter to read and some of it was read and very well received.

Although we were sad that we were not able to make the journey to Milwaukee for this dedication, we were more than honored to have been asked to be part of it, and even included in their program!

See the Newpaper Story that was written up on it from Milwaukee

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