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Another CW Veteran we lost on this day in history

Edward Cole Osborn was born to Daniel and Carthaett Osborn in Bronson Ohio on September 3, 1834. He married Mary Elizabeth Hineline on April 2, 1861, just 10 days before the start of the Civil War, a war that lost more Americans before and since. Edward spent of the war years working and taking care of his growing family. Eva was born in 1863, Ella in 1865 and after the war Azilla was born in 1870.

It was no day for lovers on Feb 14, 1865, as this was the day that Edward left for the Civil War. He mustered into the 151st Co E and was made a Corp just 3 weeks later. Edward was lucky, well as luck goes for the CW Vets. He never saw much "action" as they call it. He spent most of his days on guard duty in Louisville. it was just 8 months (October 18, 1865) later that Edward left the service and came home to a new baby girl Ella.

No sooner than Edward came back from his service, he entered the political scene, and became County Commissioner serving one term, 1865-1868.

Edward left the political scene and spent his remaining years farming.

It was on this day in 1919, Edward departed this life, and went on to spend the rest of his days with his wife whom left this place some years later.

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