All of the volunteers (2)
Will working away on Americus Baum Stone
Tom scrbbing away on one of the stones
Will Radell waiting for the D2 to do its thing on Americus Baum Headstone
Steve spraying D2 onto one of the stones
Steve proudlygetting a flag and marker on Samuel Comers Stone
We had quite a few camp members come out
Samuel Comers stone just getting upright
Samul Comer Stone Close up
Steve  Mockler pretending to work....
Samuel Comers stone Just getting raised
Samuel Comers Stone Getting ready to raise
Samuel Comers Stone getting leveled 2
Samuel Comers Stone Getting Leveled
Samuel Comer Stone as we just got the stone upright
Samuel Comer Stone after intial Cleaning
Samuel Comer Stone after cleaned and set up right
Ron Working on of the stones
Ron showing off his handy work
Samuel Comer Headstone Up right
Samuel Comer Headstone while cleaning
Samuel Comer Headstone as we are leveling the ground
John Babcock Stone getting set back into place
Ron Hyre andBill Adams supervising the work on the Samuel Comer Headstone
John Babcock Stone Getting back into palce
Ron Hyer and Bill Adams making sure the Samuel Comer Stone has been done coreectly
One of the oldest Stones in Luther and Porter County
Our New GAR Markers we placed on all the CW Graves in Luther Cemetery
Jen Price working on an infant grave
John Babcock headstone after intial Cleaning
JJ Middaugh Headstone before cleaning
JJ Middaugh Headstone after initial cleaning with D2
J J Middaugh after intial Cleaning and set with New Marker and Flag
Elisha Merlin Babcock Headstone after Intial Cleaning
Jen Price and William Luther Cleaning some Infant headstones
Dave working on another Veterans Stone
Chris working on one of the stones
Dave Watson and Pat Doyle solving the worlds problems!
Dave Watson Cleaning Thomas Lewis Headstone
Dave Watson Cleaning Thomas Lewis Stone 1
Chris Powers Working...
Chris Powers
Chris Powers just finishing up for the day
Bill Adams Cleaning Solomon Mott Headstone
All of the volunteers
Americus Baum Photo by William Radell
Abraham Baker after Intial Cleaning with Marker and Flag Blowing proudly
Abraham Baker after initial Cleaning
Abraham Baker- Photo by Jen Price


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