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Bernie is an Air Force Veteran and has been a member of the Camp for 5 years now. He has had offices of Chaplain, Senior Vice Commander, and now Commander.
Outside of camp, he is the Town President of Chesterton, and is involved in many other organizations, including the SAR

Senior Vice Commander

Steve has been a member of the camp for 3 years now, and has held a variety of positions. He currently is the Vice Commander, Graves Registration Officer, and Signals Officer.
He is currently working on developing an all encompassing List of all CW veterans buried in Porter County and all of NWI.

Outside of the camp, he has spent 16 years in Retail Management. He has love for all antique cars, and genealogy.

Junior Vice Commander

Chris is in his first year as member, but has a real knowledge for the CW, and a real dedication to preserving the memory of the Veterans of the Civil War.
Outside of the Camp, Chris is a History teacher, including teaching a course to HS students on the Civil War. He is also a Mason.

Camp Secretary

Bill is currently the Camp Secretary. He has held a variety of Camp Positions including Camp Commander. He has also the most recent Past Department Commander. Bill has been with the camp for about 10 years.
Bill is retired, but keeps himself busy with a part time job, camp activities, and church activities.


Pat is serving serving his third term as Camp Chaplain. He has been with the camp for 5 years now. Pat has been very involved with ensuring the history of the camp is preserved for the future generations, including making donations to the camp.
Pat is a Vietnam Veteran Marine and was awarded the Purple heart for his time in Vietnam. Pat is retired and when he is not involved with the camp, he enjoys spending time with family, and friends , and traveling.

Camp Council

Ron is the senior Camp Council member, and is a Charter Member of David D Porter Camp. Ron was instrumental in Re-Charting the Camp in 1976. He has helped to see that 3 members of our camp have made it to the Commander in Chief Position.
Ron has held nearly every position in the camp, and th same goes for the Department Level.
Ron is retired, and when he is not part of camp activities, he travels and enjoys spending time with his extended family.

Camp Council

Steve is part of the Camp Council and is most recently the past Commander for the camp. Steve has held a variety of positions for the camp including Vice Commander and Fiance Officer.
Steve is retired, but continues to stay active as the President of his local Village Community. He is a Veteran of the US Army, and served as an MP.

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